At Linkit Communications we want you to get the most out of your smartphone. We can set up and support business applications designed to keep you and your workforce connected and working efficiently. Workforce Management, Push to Talk and Mobile Device Management are just some of the applications we can provide to help support you and your business.

Workforce Management Apps

A workforce management application does exactly what it says on the tin: enables you to manage your workforce effectively and remotely! These apps are really helpful when it comes to teams who work out on location and have to pick up reactive work throughout the day. Engineers, for example. You will have a workforce management portal wherever your business base is and, from here, you can see the whole team’s workload and location. This allows you to assign new jobs to the most appropriate team member quickly and easily, without having to waste time calling each one individually. Both managers and team members can upload and access photographs, notes, signatures and videos, making it simple to share vital information in real time. Workforce management applications work well for businesses big and small, helping to reduce laborious and unnecessary admin tasks and improving both service standards and customer relationships.

Mobile Device Management Apps

Mobile device management apps allow you to set and enforce standards and regulations for the use of business phones amongst your workforce, This can be as simplistic or as technical as you want it to be. You might just want to blacklist numbers, limit data usage or block social media apps during working hours. These kinds of apps also offer much more advanced features too, allowing you to be really specific with your requirements. Whatever your issue, a mobile device management app can probably solve it (and offer you a whole load of useful new features you hadn’t thought of too!).

The benefits of workplace apps are almost endless. They offer you the chance to streamline your operations, reduce time wasted by using dated systems and help to enhance communication between team members and clients. And that’s just a few of the ways they can contribute! Our team have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to apps. If you want advice on how these apps could help you, we’ll start by chatting with you about your business, workplace and workforce before recommending the right app for you. We always make sure we keep up to date with any changes or developments in technology too, so you can be sure all of our advice is informed, genuine and trustworthy. We’ll set everything up for you and make sure your staff are all thoroughly confident using the app’s features. Once you’re up and running, our friendly team are just a call away should you need any further assistance.

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